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The 1st International Conference "Unconventional Sources Of Hydrocarbons: Multidisciplinary Researches"

The 1st International Conference "Unconventional Sources Of Hydrocarbons: Multidisciplinary Researches"

Innovative technologies in geology, geophysics and geography are of great importance due to their close connections with various applied problems and tasks such as search for mineral deposits and their exploration, evaluation of engineering-geological conditions and environments, including forecasting of catastrophic geological processes and phenomena.

Most of innovative approaches originate at the interfaces between different fields of the knowledge, through its integration and exchange, the generalization of the already developed and new ideas including those of young scientists, particularly.

Last 5-10 yeas, the theme of unconventional oil and gas resources has become very popular and attracts the attention of specialists of different areas. With this in view, the Innovative Center of the Earth Science, Russia will arrange an International Conference entitled “Unconventional sources of hydrocarbons: multidisciplinary researches” in Temryuk district of Krasnodar region, Taman Peninsula, Russia on 28 June to 01 July, 2018.

All specialist in area of Unconventional sources of hydrocarbons and students, undergraduates, PhD students and early career students are welcome to participate in the Conference.

Another aim of the conference is the interaction of students and young scientists with Professors from Leading World Universities and Top-industry professionals, as they provide opportunities for potential employment and internships.

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