Sessions will be organized focusing on the following main topics:

  • New methods and approaches in geodynamics and tectonics;

  • Geomorphology and neotectonics;

  • Paleontology and paleoclimatology;

  • Evolution of sedimentary basins;

  • Geology and Hydrocarbon Exploration;

  • Petroleum system modeling;

  • Reservoir rock formation ant its properties;

  • Fracturing in rocks; modern methods of studying, processing and analysis of data;

  • Innovation technologies for the engineering-geophysical surveys;

  • Earth's interior insights from geophysical studies;

  • Mineral and ore deposits;

  • Physical geochemistry of the hydrothermal processes;

  • Geoinformation systems in the geological, geophysical and geographical studies;

  • Polar Research;


July, 10-14, 2017 — Post-Conference Training Field Sessions “Coastal areas: monitoring and innovation integrated studies”

The technical sessions will be held in Sevastopol (Sevastopol Branch of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University) on 02-14 July 2017.



English will be the official language of the meeting and no translation facilities will be available. All abstracts, posters, and presentations have to be submitted only in English.